What is love about.

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Love is about feelings you get for someone special to you. Depending on your connection with them, the love can differ (love in a relationship, love for friends, and love for family members). In a way they have some of the same connections, but you feel differently for the people.

When you love someone, though, you'll do absolutely anything in your power to make them happy. When they hurt, it hurts you as well. When they need something, you’ll be the one who wants to be able to give it to them. When you’re together you’re happy, when you’re apart you miss them. You’ll most likely always want to be with them, and when you can’t be, you will realize exactly why you love them in the first place. I could go on, but this is the gist of it.

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What is love about?...or what is love?

Love is about finding that one that you totally connect with, he/she is your soulmate, and you cant stand to be apart from one another.
Love is the feeling you have for that person.
It is an awesome thing...=]

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It's finding the other half of a whole idiot.

I love him

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