What is ky intense?

What is ky intense? Where do you put and what is it for? Just curious becuase I saw it in the commercial and was just wondering

Answer #1

lol…its a gel that a guy rubs on himself and a girl rubs on herself to make it more lubricated when having sex. KY Intense His and Hers is an awesome invention.Theres two bottles one is blue and other is pink. the guy rubs the blue on him and girl the pink. When they mix together it makes the lubrication. It will actually warm up and get a little hot between your legs for the intense moment.

Answer #2

It’s a gel you put on your vagina to make sex feel sooo much better lol

Answer #3

its a lubricant used to make things like sex and masterbating more pleasurable

Answer #4

hahaha ya like you would know mia

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