What is it called when a character knows they're not real?

What’s it called when a fictional character is aware that they’re a fictional character?


“Now who would watch a show about a teenage psycic” [pause and look into camera smirking] – That’s So Raven

“Maybe the animators forgot to draw a bridge” – Duel Masters

“I feel like we’re being controlled by some person in front of a computer” – The Sims

So do you know… I think it has something to do with irony, not sure though.

Answer #1

This is an example of the influence of epic theatre (think: Brecht).. In literature, it’s called “metafiction” and you’re right, it’s a kind of literary irony.

Answer #2

i honestly have no idea what its called but it is used for the watcher of said shows to keep watching and it a kind of way for the veiwer to feel apart of the show.

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