What is a song without lyrics called?

This is going to sound REALLY dumb but you know im naturally blonde haha ... If I want the song without the lyrics what isit called so I can download it?? My friend is singing time to grow at the school leavers assembly ..Isit just called the tune?? I need Lemar-Time to grow. Thanks =]

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yep, its the instrumental
but not every song will have just the music and not the words

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it might be called acoustic [I think thats how you spell it] I know I searched high scool musical acoustic on itunes and it came up with no words...[I did it for a gymnastics floor music]

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Thanks we found it!! If you want to see them its http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=LOEZVoc7tIg Thats the 1st time they did it though. =]

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Karoke version?

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A song without lyrics is called the instrumental version.

This version is often used for karaoke or some other type of sing along.

It is also used for performances by other people, such as talent shows or the like,

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