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my period was late at the end of july. I finally got it august 8th. It was dark brown. and it didnt seem like it was my period. then 3 weeks later on august 21st, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, and that night I started bleeding. it was very light and now its really heavy. Its too soon to have my period again. I dont have cramps. my breast are sore, and im just really tired for no reason. I dont know what to do. or what it is. help me?

Answer #1

Hi it might be to your favour that you take a pregnacy test just to put you mind at ease my friend got he periods 4 a day then they stoped 4 a week and then came bk so if you think there is a posobility you can be preggors take the test ! remember contraseption is nt always 100%

Answer #2

hey, you may be pregnant.sometimes you can have a period thaats all over the place. id say go get some medical advice, do a pregnancy test…why else would your boobs be hurting and you be tired…

Answer #3

thats totally normal. periods are irregular a lot. your sore breasts and tiredness is just a thing that comes w/ periods your not pregnant, if you were you wouldn’t have bled after.

Answer #4

my boobs hurt and I’m tired all the time, and I’ve never been pregnant.. as for the bleeding, I would have initially said you might be preggo but you said it got light then really heavy, and pregancy spotting is usually bright red instead of dark brown. see your gyno and tell them what’s been going on. are you on any birth control pills? it may also be a bad reaction to that. my first two birth control trials ended up in me bleeding for two months straight, on and off and light-to-heavy o.o”;;

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