What, is invisaligh braces free?

My friend is wondering if invislign teen is free help me and my friend!!! And if its not, what is the price??

Answer #1

No, they’re not free. My sister has them. Not sure what the price is though. You have to see an orthodontist.

Answer #2

there basicly almost mabey even more thenn braces um..youd have to see a invisilin specialist and the simplest casee would cost 3500 is the lowest so…

Answer #3

Well, if you have insurance they might pay for part of it but it just depends on your teeth and how long your gonna need them. I have them but we didnt get a price because my insurance paid for the whole thing so I dont know. It just depends on insurance, how bad your teeth may need them, and the orthodonist you go to.

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