What is he feeling?

A couple of days ago I met up with a guy and we kissed and got close, we was in his bedroom and you can see where it was heading. he was getting ready to have sex but I asked him if he had a condom; well he didnt have a condom so that blew that idea out of the water, when we finished fooling around we got dressed and he dropped me off and kissed me goodbye. Basically I want to know these answers, Why was he willing to have sex without a condom? is he ashamed? and why isn’t he talking to me now? please answer as I am so confused =(

Answer #1

Yeah, all he wanted was sex, didn’t really care about the risks. Nope not ashamed if he didn’t care. I assume he didnt get any, and that probably pissed him off. Thats probably why he isnt talking to you anymore. *take this as a lesson, find better men you care.

Answer #2

He was probably willing to have sex without a condom because he didn’t really care - he wanted sex. He didn’t get it, I’m assuming, so he’s not that interested anymore. Is he ashamed? Doubt it.

Bottom line - you deserve better than that. Don’t waste your time on someone who shows little concern for you and your feelings.

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