What is going on here!???

The cousins of my crush are calling me every night! One of them is my friend but im confused why are they calling me? Whats curious is that the first time they called theyre were three different voices & yesterday theyre were two voices only.the first time they called they said there names & one in the middle who spoke to me was my crush(he had a deep voice) yesterday when they called me again the one with the deep voice answered and started talking about my crush all of the sudden.its summer so I cant ask my crush a thing.his cousins said hes on vacation but it cant be because my crush signed up for this football camp & hes in.so he cant be on vacation.why do you think are his cousins all of the sudden calling me every night? & why do you think they are they so mysterious? Help?

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he likes you back, and is sending his cousins to call you because hes to shy..thats what I think..just tlk to him and clear things up. Boys have there own weir way of showing they care...good luck. hope I helped a bit.

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Yah I am guessing that one of them likes you. I would just ask them next time. When you answer your phone just be like why did you call me and they might tell you why and it would be funny if they all said different things at the same time because then you would know something was up.

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I know.. its weird I also hope theyre not playing pranks! but they joke a lot about me & my crush though..

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Gosh, I don't know. I hope they aren't playing a prank.
Maybe your crush has a crush on you also and asked them to call you. :)

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your crush probaly told them to call because he lyks u.or one of them likes u

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your crush probably has a crush on u, and got his cousins 2 tell u.

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maybe he's too shy to tell you he likes you so he got his cousins to do it. :)

-rachhh. <3

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Boys are less mature than girls.

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