What is fun to do while in the shower?

Answer it.. What do you like to do in the shower besides cleaning yourself?! Anything at all Come on dont be shy

Answer #1


Answer #2

go with a friend ;)
very fun

Answer #3

I sing and I think about whatever cough him cough lol…

Answer #4

I sing baby! = D

Answer #5

Turn the water hot. Hotter. Even hotter. Still hotter. so hot, it almost hurts. And then: Cold. (As cold as possible.) Then scream! When you’re done screaming start over.

Don’t try this if you suffer heart disease.

Answer #6

I just stand there and warm myself CAUTION: This may make the user drowser, so be prepared to… get the hell out of the shower without falling asleep

Answer #7

Read. lol dont ask how but I’ve done it just becareful you dont get it wet. oh and you can listen to music :)

Answer #8

… well… you could always… ya know… … … ummm… … with your hands… you grab the shaft,,, … OF YOUR FAKE MICROPHONE AND SIIINNNGGG!!! Lol :)

Answer #9

I tried dancing once… very dangerous in the shower…lol so yeah just stick to dancing …and whatever else floats your boat ;)

Answer #10

When I was 13 years old, I used to cover my wash cloth with a lot of soap, then I covered my stomach with as much of it as I could. Then when that’s all done, I draw funny doodles with my finger, eventually my fingers were very pale and I had to stop.

Answer #11

Well…in the bath or shower you can sit down and put thevwater on full cold and move up so the cold water is only on your b00bs. Then move down so it is only on you vagina. start rubbing your clit and while still rubbing it move out of the water. Your pu$$y should be a bit wet now so when your out of the water start going a bit deeper until one of your fingers are going as far as they can inside your pu$$y. It’s fun try it

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