What is - emotionally attached

What is it ? Emotionally attached to some one , how can you stop it?

Answer #1

An emotional attachment is simply where you build a bond with somebody or a friendship with somebody and as time passes you grow closer to that person emotionally (that person does not need to be growing closer to you in return; it just depends). When this closeness gets to a stage where you trust this person more than other people and you want to spend more time with this person, this implies that you are becoming emotionally attached.

In my opinion, emotional attachment is more of an illustration as to how good a relationship with somebody is. Emotional attachment may be how much you care about someones, trust someone, etc, but most of us already know that. I think of the level of emotional attachment you have towards someone as being an indicator of the success of your relationship with that person (whether he/ she is a friend, partner, parent, work-mate, etc).

As for how to stop it, that is a tricky thing to do. Not getting hurt in the process is almost impossible seeing as you are depriving yourself of seeing someone you care about and/ or you are trying to break down a friendship in a way. If you feel that you must lose the attachment, then distancing yourself (somewhat) is one step you can take.

Talking to the person/ interacting with the person on a different and less desirable level is another way to slowly sever the ties. Unfortunately though, if you really are emotionally attached to someone, then you are going to get hurt by doing this. But if you take it slow and don’t do anything drastic, the pain will be less severe.

Answer #2

you can’t when your attracted to someone, your attracted to someone. dont fight it.xx

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