What is chrohns disease?

My friend might have a disease where she stops growing and she said that her body wouldnt absorb the nutrients from food and she would stop growing. What disease is that called Please Help me

Answer #1

Crohn’s Disease can present itself like that in children.

Following is what I wrote to another question on Crohn’s Disease:

It may have a genetic component as well as an environmental one. It can be a tough disease to have, but it has a low incidence of fatality. Science is working on it, but as of now, there is no cure, it can only be managed. But who knows what medicine will be able to do in the future. A century ago diabetes was usually fatal by the teen years, now it is totally controllable. Fifty years ago cancer was almost always deadly, and now most can be treated and even overcome. Crohn’s disease is not as deadly as either of those, and a cure may be found in the coming decade. There are some things that your friend can do to minimize the bad effects of this disease, but she needs to see and work with her doctor.

You can help her by sticking by her. You will NOT catch Crohn’s Disease. It’s not that kind of sickness.

So I also wish you Good Luck!!

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