what is better a ps3 or a wii.

what is better a ps 3 or a wii.

Answer #1

Depends. Wii is a party console. Ps3 is a powerhouse console that is more visually enhanced and not much of a party console but it can be.

Personally I would pick a PS3 because it can be used as a media center and can be easily mod chipped.

Answer #2

ps3 all the way! the wii is such a stupid game system! they dont even have many fun teen games. And besides Thell never stop making playstation products becouse playstation is the higest rated game system…eva!

Answer #3

well, it depends, the wii is much better family fun and parties and more games for kids. PS3 is by far a more all round type of gaming system with games for pretty much everyone,because it has mature games and games for kids, but was really meant for a more mature player. Neither one is better than the other.

Answer #4

PS3 the wii is kinda hard to control and the graphics on the ps3 are amazing

Answer #5

None of Dhee Above 360 4 Lyfe and 4Ever >:D

Answer #6

ps3 it the latest

Answer #7

I say wii, but its your choice

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