What is better for clothes?

Hollister,abercrombie,or american eagle? Or what other brand do you prefer?

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they all suck

I mean the sell shirts that look all torn up and ruined

and people will buy a plain grey shirt just because theres a bird on it

people are stupid

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hmmm well it kind of depends for me. Before I used to love all of them, I used to buy any shirt with the logo on it but now I look in those stores for cute and comfy not just logos.
But recently AE has had some really cute sweaters
And I like HCO during the summer time because they always have cute summer tops
and A&F is expensive but they have cute jackets

But I like Hollister best

Where are some 80s retro clothing websites?

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I dont like any of them, My favorite stores are:

Love Culture
Hot Topic

Night clothing
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is really true that you find better prices online.

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