What is an online album for my phone?

My phone sends my pics to my online album but what is that and how do I get to it

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This actually means that your pictures is stored on your phone in your gallery as well as in your online album. With T-Mobile all you do is go online to your account, the go to connect & share and select album. You should see your pictures there is this is the company that you have. This is a good way of saving pictures without using all of your memory on your phone/sim card/memory card. The online album is also helpful for when you lose your phone and you have a certain pic that you used as a screensaver.

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It means that you phone does not allow pictures to be sent directly to the phone - it should give you a website on the internet that you can go to and view your pictures.

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your phone should automatically call you and tell you,But you go to your phones web-site your I.D is your ten digit phone # and the phone company has to send you a password

Phone won't send to online album

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