What is a youth size 1 shoe converted to in age approximately?

A youth size 1 shoe will fit a child of about what age? Same for youth size 2 and 3.

Answer #1

Well its hard to put an age on a shoe size. Easier with inches/cm. But I’ll Try.

Since 1-5 is such a short time frame I’ll give you centimeters measured from heel to longest toe. 1(8.9cm) 2(9.5cm) 3(10.5cm) 4(11.4cm) 5(12.1)cm

1-5 - 0-12 months. (1-5 is infant sizes) 6-7 - 18 months (6-12 is considered children) 7-9 - 18-30 months 9-10 - 3 years
11 - 4 years 12 - 5 years 13- 6 years
1 - 6 years (then it restarts from 1 in youth sizes) 2-3 - 6.5-7 years 4-5 - 8 years

Answer #2

My daughter is just 6 and growing out of a size 12… My niece is 10 and a size 3… but all children are different! Hope that kinda helps :)

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