What is a womens size five in childrens shoe size?

I bought a pair of womens shoes in a size 5. My daughter wears a kids size 4 in shoes. Whould my shoes fit her?

Answer #1

most likely not. size 13 in kids is way different from size 13 in womens. I wear size 4 in womens but I know for a fact if I attempted putting on a 4 in kids it wouldn’t work out very well.

Answer #2

Wow, hippiepeaceprincess, you obviously don’t understand that there are usually two size 4s in kids’ sizes.

Answer #3

Well I have size 4 feet and this chick at the shoe store said that size 4 childrens shoes are the same as size 6 in womens so she would probally be able to fit into em.

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