What is a website I can go to, to play "sims"game online for free?

Me and my friend want to play the sims game on my laptop lol Her boyfriend and my boyfriend are both playing it bc they have the game, so we wanna play it, but we dont have the game.. But, we dont wanna have to buy it and all that stuff.

Is that a website to go to, to play it for free? Thanks!

Answer #1

Well, anything with pirating to it could have serious consequences, including jail time. Never think that it can’t happen to you, people take those things seriously.

best bet is to head to your local supermarket and shell out the money to have the game legitimately.

Answer #2

Seriously…Please do not do anything that has to do with pirating!!! Number 1 it’s illegal number 2 the quality of the game(s) and/or movie(s) is VERY poor…So… but there is some games that have life simulation. Just use any search engine…

Answer #3

woah.. I thought you could play games like that online for free?

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