What is a good song to play while making love to my girlfriend?

Last time me and my girlfriend had sex, her parents were home down stairs and she said if she screams, itll be too loud so I turned up the music, the song was The Downfall Of Us All by A Day To Remember. haha. Whats a good song that’s sexual and loud at the same time to keep my girlfriend in the mood and not letting anybody know we’re “messing around” in there??

Answer #1

if you have got songs like these playing and I was your old man id be flat footing the door mate lol

color me badd - I wanna sex you up

Answer #2

Try this song, the lyric and music clip is very naughty and extremely appropriate as per your question request. ;)

—Bloodhound Gang — Discovery Channel —

The cartoon music clip isn’t on youtube, as it is very x-rated :( …Select the techno song version if you want to download the tune as it is more funky.

The link to the more tame boring music clip — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaZ_q0ADc-E&feature=related

Answer #3

full blast everything. Till I get my way by the black keys Summer Romance by incubus (its not loud, but it think its good. sets the mood I think. haha) Juice Box - the strokes smells like teen spirit - nirvana

not really hardcore loud stuff though :)

Answer #4

thanks :)

Answer #5

I think if you’re in the mood you wont really notice what song is playing, the thing is ya got to trick the parents, so why dont you put on some slipknot ? lol

Answer #6

haha well I would say any hardcore really XD then agen it depends on wht you both like & wht makes you get in the mood I gess. then agen I am only 14 :P umm.. I gess hardcore, turn it up loud & act normal. I hope I helped


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