What is a good song if your boyfriend just broke up with you?

ok my ex and I have been dating for seven months and he texted me today sayin he doesnt think we should date anymore what song would best describe that feeling?

Answer #1

Another Girl by the Beatles

Answer #2

white horse- Taylor Swift

Answer #3

I dont love you- my chemical romance

Misguided gohsts- paramore

Answer #4

I don’t know any songs unfortunatly. But try not to listen to many songs, they’ll just make you sad.

Answer #5

Falling out- Keyshia Cole Heartbreak Collision- Dolla goodbye- Kristinia Debarge hush hush- Pussycat Dolls You were my everything- chuckie akenz say goodbye- chris brown I’d Rather Be With You- Joshua Radin Better In Time- Leona Lewis be without you- Mary J. Blige break up-murs

Answer #6

OR!!! I just remembered. Three Days Grace -“I Hate Everything About You” or really anything by them is amazing.

Answer #7

Fucking Hostile by Pantera. ^_^ I go with the angry approach to life. :D

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