What is a good song?

What is a great song that is pop or rap or country I dont care what it is aslong as it is good?

Answer #1

I dunno if u’ll like diz but my fave song iz…

Forever- chris brown decode- paramore do you know?- enrique eglesias untouched- the veronicas afterlife-avenged sevenfold one time- justin bieber down- jay sean

Answer #2

all song off the cd the E.N.D by black eye peas whatcha say already gone thow it in the bag love game she wolf good girls go bad waking up in vagas

Answer #3

My favz r: gimme more by Britney Spears (very pop) jsut dance by lady gaga (pop as well) boys and girls by pixie lott (kind of…pop, I think…) fight for this love by cheryl cole (gets your butt moving-lol!) untouchable by girls aloud (ace!) hope I helped, try them all out because believe me they’re all awesome!

Answer #4

Good songs I know is Hollaback Girl, by Gwen Stefani Rock Star, by Nickelback Don’t stop Believin’ ,by Journey

Hope this helped!

Answer #5

Ooh I Know Sum Great Ones!!! Video Phone By: Beyonce Feat Lady Gaga Bad Romance By: Lady Gaga Give It Up To By:Shakira Get It Shawty By: Lloyd Remix With LiL Wayne

Hope I Helped!!! xo

Answer #6

Bad Romance - Lady GaGa Paparazzi - Lady GaGa Replay - Iyaz Forever - Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Eminem

Answer #7

whatcha say and replay!

Answer #8

my favorite song is by a woman named sade called no ordinary love its from the 80s but its uh mazing

Answer #9

schizophrenia. by brokencyde

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