What is a good gift for my sister?

My sister, Alexie is a hippie. She’s 17, she’s going to get married to her boyfriend, Nick who she’s been dating for two years… What’s a good gift to get her? I’ve asked her what she would want, but she just says nothing. I was thinking maybe some tea? but she already has tons. Any ideas?

Answer #1

first you should probably understand that if she is a “hippie” as you call her than material possessions probably dont mean all that much to her. I would suggest asking if she would like to take a art, pottery, creative writing class and offer to attend it with her and pay for it. Or do something like donate your time to a cause she is sympathetic to, coalition for battered women or whatever shes into. If her beliefs are selfless than she would rather you help those in need rather than spend time and energy on her. just tell her you love her and want to do something special with her then let her pick.

Answer #2

Donate some money to a charity in her name if she says nothing? Oxfam do a programme called ‘Oxfam Unwrapped’ where you get a card stating the gift you bought on it. That way you can write a note in it, and she can see the work that will be done in her name. You can buy animals/ school books/ train a teacher etc for disadvantaged nations. She may like something like that?

Otherwise vouchers for a homeware store or something would probably be the best, so she can get anything she needs. All too often people will get multiples of presents, so something where she can choose her own gift would perhaps be best.

Answer #3

lol. if she has a love of nature get her a plant… this is a tough one because that could easily be a crappy gift. you gotta think though about what kinds of things she likes. like activities or something. like my passion is art and I would want more art supplies to become greater at it. :P I’m really not sure though. good luck with that and hopefully she’ll like what you give her

if not do what everyone else does. buy her an card and stick a twenty or forty dollars in it and give it to her. :P

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