What is a good cute nickname for someone?

Whats a good, really cute nickname for a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Like, I mean so disgustingly cute that it makes other people who hear it want to puke lol!

Her name is Hailey if you guys can work with that ^_^

lol.. she calls me lovebug ^_^;;;

Answer #1

booger boo or smoochy poochy , lovey bear,

Answer #2

Haisnizzle lol, but I dunno like SNOOCUMS haha, or cutie pie, blossom, rose bud, petal, hunni bunni or something cute like that, what ever you do dont compare her to a bear, we hte that because bears have big buts, hair every where and no figure!!!

Answer #3

Do silly little rhymes like my lil Hailey Wailey in a voice you would use on puppies, then rub your noses together. Snugglemuffins is sure to make anyone outside of the relationship gag :]

Answer #4

watch a movie she really likes and pick a name from there. my boyfriend and I watched Monsters Inc and I called him Googly Bear and he calls me shmoopsie poo from that movie.

Answer #5

Thanks you guys!!

Omigosh!! ^_^

Answer #6

hales. its adorable (:

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