What is a girl supposed to do while being fingered

what is a girl supposed to do while being fingered? I just dont know what to do

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you can try moaning a bit and telling him what feels good, if you want him to go haredre, faster, do soemthing else with his tounge, ect

and shifta is a complete idiot
she should NOT be bleeding when shes getting eaten out
if she was, soemthing is wrong

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Bite him*
Some guys like to be bit.
Or make out with him like usual.

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moan duh haha grab their boobs and stuf like that

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omg I rescently like just got fingered 4 the 1st time

and it was so weird because like he fingered me and then like stopped and asked me like how many fingers I use when I finger myself it was kinda weird

but ya I like kinda started 2 breathe heavily and he like gigled as we were kissing so he liked it and plus he had a BONER.!
lol but ya just moan,well actually it comes naturally so dont worry

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because NO girl should be bleeding when shes getting fingered
if she was soemthing would be seriously wrong
unless she broke here hymen
but that would be rare as its almost always broken by other things
and you said if shes bleeding intensly there doing a good job
which is horribly wrong

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Only moan if it feels real good and makes you feel like moaning. Obvious FAKE moaning is a HUGE turnoff for a guy and can feel quite patronising.

manafestchik27, dont think that the guy having a boner is a compliment towards you. A teen guy can get a boner by looking at goldfish swimming around its bowl.

They can even get a boner sitting in class not even thinking about anything sexual so the fact he had a boner while he was fingering you is hardly a surprise. lol

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umm she shouldnot be bleeding intensively. You should moan.. do what feels right.. it comes naturally

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Moan!! Kiss!! Rub your boobs

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