What is a fun sleepover game to do with 2 people?

My friend and I are bored and we wont something to do like a fun two player sleepover game. Do you have one in mind?

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play: I like you, you like me. lets bang :D I love that game. :DD lmao. im jokingg:)

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would you rather
aha if yur young and dumm than hide and go seek and tha dark
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Play roof or base (roof=1friend picks 2 people and the othr friend says who they wood push off the roof) and (base=1friend chooses 1person and the othr friend says which base they wood go w/ them. 1st base is hug. 2nd base is kiss. 3rd base is makeout. and I bet you can guess what homerun is...) you can call boys;) ding dong ditch a house, call random people, Turn the lights off in the basement while one of you hides and the other stays at the top and then jump out at eachothr, prank call burger king and ask for
a bigmac, prank call mcdonalds and ask to make A reservAtion...just b creative.

Or you cood just both have a truth circle and tell them EVRYTHING. I love doing that...it mAkes you closer and then they understand you better.

Sorry, this isn't my best answer to a ?, but I hope you guys have fun, because Whenlifegivesmelemons, I make lemonade...hbu?

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You can :
play truth or dare
ding-dong-ditch a house
prank call people
hide under your parent's,sibling's , etc. bed , wait until they go to lay down ,then grab their ankles and scream lol
play video games ( mario party is a great game to play with 2 people and more lol )

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