What is a cute outfit to wear when i go skating on saturday???

I have outfits I can wear on a regular day but im not sure what to wear when I go skating. wats cute but also easy to skate with??? I was thinking skinny jeans but im not sure. Or how bout tna pants?

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Nice jeans and a cute top would be best.

Skating with a skirt and leggings is inconvenient.

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Maybe jeans or a cute skirt with leggings & jacket would be cute (:

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Wear colors that go against the scenario in a positive way don't you think :)

Try wearing a dark-ish jacket but not one thats like huge and you can't move in it, something somewhat tight looking.

If skinny jeans give you freedom of movement then wear those :) What your looking for here is freedom of movement with a nice classy look to it. Its just a suggestion yo don't have to follow what I say alright.

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I like to wear something loose so I can move.I like to do the splits while roller-skatating(I practiced.It's risky,but fun!lol!),so I wear loose pants.good Luck!!!

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I think you should go with the skinny jeans defo and a nice top with a jacket, try accesorizing with a waist belt, jewellry or hairbands :) Hope it helps

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