What is a catchy title for a research paper on shoplifting?

I need to know a catchy title for a research paper on shoplifting. Something that will kind of pop out or be noticed. Or just something really good.

Answer #1

What about “Shop till your stopped” instead of Shop till you drop? Or “Secret Shopper” You know how they hire those secret shoppers to shop and then evaluate the employees, but you are a shopper with a secret.

Answer #2

Lol, use at will. Good luck with the paper :)

Answer #3

“Steal This Paper”

Answer #4

it depends on what you are doing on shoplifting if its how to shoplift, put something like tips on how to… . or if you are doing one on why it is bad/illeagal put something like why is shoplifting illeagal in canada? etc. goodluck! hope it helped.


Answer #5

well its about different things like prevention, reasons, risks, facts, and actions shoplifters use so the title cant be about one subject.

Answer #6

From Shop to Shackles Save a Dime - Commit a Crime Stolen Diaries: The Secrets behind Modern Day Shoplifters Saw It. Stole It. I Got This! - How Shoplifters Avoid the Price Tags Price Pressure - The Ultimate Escape

I don’t know…those just came randomly. I’ll let you know if I have others. Good luck though :)

Answer #7

Shoplifters Anonymous Shoplifting - America’s Latest Addiction

Ok, two more :)

Answer #8

thanks heavenlymind lol you gave me a lot of good ones but I like the very last one the best the ‘ Shoplifting - America’s Latest Addiction’ one =) I think I might use that :)

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