What is 7 minutes in heaven?

how do you play it? what do you need to play? im just wondering cause I hear people talk about it.

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And it's a lot funner when you go into the closet BLIND FOLDED! =]

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you get in a circle first with a bottle in the middle, who ever spins the bottle and ends up in the opposite sex, you go in that closet with. 7 minutes of heaven. ohyeah

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7 minutes are you joking? :S

ANSWER #4 of 7

whoevers turn it is spins a bottle and watever boy it lands on has to go in the closet wit you for 7 mins. and what you do in there is beyond me.

ANSWER #5 of 7

its usually played in a closet you put two people in there and for 7 minutes they do what ever you want to each other. There isn't much needed just another person.

ANSWER #6 of 7

u go into a closet with a person and you basically make out with them for 7 minutes
if you lock the door then you have more time
but its more then making out more like doing it if your real fast at it

ANSWER #7 of 7

Boy and girl go in a dark closet for 7 minutes an do stuff ...lol

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