What internet history shows up on phone bill?

I use a social site on my phone and lets just say my dads REALY strict about no a social site.but my moms ok wit it my dad just doesnt no :/
anywy will my phone bill (I have an AT&T xenon) show what websites I visited??

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if you had verizon your parents can look at 100% on what your history is I think its stupid,

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It matters on your situation, but for most people no. If they showed every website it would cost a lot, for example on my iPhone the bills have 50 pages bills and they charge extra to get detailed phone bill now. There may be an option to not include, but usually it shows most of them. I don't believe it shows repeats though.Hope this is helpful...I think you be ok though!!!

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With you being on the internet, will not show up on a phone bill. You may have DSL, but everything is computer - internet related...nothing to do with your phone bill

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yeah like as I said- I ahve no clue at alll-
but like I know that the company has a history of messages you sent and all that. incase. so maybe they have the website name on history but not what you've done...
you know?
well good luck! :) and I know
exept both me parents are like that lol...

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it doesnt show what uve been 2,it just shows youv gone on the internet..

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Maybe. I don't know tho.

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