What if the United States president made a FA account?

Aren’t you guys curious if the president happened to make a funadvice account? I am! He probably doesn’t have the time for it but lets say he did lol. What do you think might happen?

Answer #1

Are you sure I …er um, I mean, he hasn’t?

Answer #2

I’ve been thinking of this same question recently. Would be interesting to see what he would do.

Answer #3

Mikeh, I laughed whole-heatedly at that, good call.

Answer #4


He’d be debating all the Obama is the anti-christ questions, lol

Answer #5

ii Would Be Happy YAYYY Obama!!! That Be Like So F**kin Awesummm

Answer #6

Everyone would be questioning him from morning till evening!

Answer #7

He’ll probably answer a few political questions? lol. I don’t know.

If it was the South African president on the other hand, he would give advice about how to get one of your wives pregnant and ask advice on how birth control works.

Answer #8

‘’Michelle and I just had sexxx but I din use a condom because iz 2 big lolz!!! culd she be preggzzz??? HELP PLEEEZZZ!!! lmao lol lol!!!11!!!’’

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