What I don't know.. But I need help, So help please?

My boyfriend wants me to send him naked pics… Should I? I probably shouldn’t but blah. :\

Answer #1

No.. asking isnt wrong.

Answer #2

I wish I could put you in touch with the many girls in the school I work at who have serious regretted this. One got into a fight with a girl who posted them on a social site (the girl some how got a hold of them). One’s boyfriend sent them to her father… Yeah, she was taken out of school and is now on lockdown. One had them sent all over school. Oh, and it’s very very illegal to distribute child porn. Oh yes, one got arrested for having the pictures on his phone.

Answer #3

do you want to? its different if you want to. I dont know the answer cus, if anyone asked me for pics of me, I do it, and I think they were wierd for wanting them but mostly cus im just a normal guy, I dont care who sees my body. but I want to know if its ok to ask my girlfriend. cus I know she would want to but, is asking wrong?

Answer #4

not at all,if he or she has allready seen youre body naked and you feel comfortable with it,then I suppose them asking you for a picture that they can look at any time any place is a sorta good thing…they like youre body …so what…as long as you’ve been with them for a while and you totally respect eachother…asin they’re not going to spread them around or anything like that then its fine…actually quite kinky ;)

Answer #5

no be aware that he can and probably will show them to his friends from there he can easily upload it onto the internet, to show someone else even from there paedophiles and the whole world can see you naked and copy and paste your picture onto anything they please from there, that picture wont ever be removed from the internet permanently, so any future bosses who want to employ you will Google your name (they do this all the time) and find your naked pics, and wont hire you for a job even if you think your gonna be with this guy forever don’t send him naked pics, because you cant be 100% sure that you can trust him also if you must send naked pics don’t show your face or anything else (room, names, jewellery, birthmarks, school bag/clothes, ect) that can easily identify you

Answer #6

no you shouldnt because my best friend did that too and the guy (which is my best guy friend) and he got mad at her and sent the naked to everyone in our school! and its really not good idea…why dont you try sexting instead without the naked pics lol thats what I do :]

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