What I'm trying to ask is, should I break up with him?

I love my boyfriend, but my mother is trying to drive us apart. what her actions are doing are malicious and hurtful towards only me, however in turn its making us both very unhappy. Her actions make me into a depressed miserable person, and I cannot escape from it… Should I leave him so he can eventually be happier?

Answer #1

I dont think breaking up with him is the best because you love him I think you need to tell your mom how you feel that is what I do <3 and im sorry but if you dont then your going to be depressed and it wouldnt be fair to you to lose your true love because of your mom

Answer #2

You’re 18. Stand up for yourself a little bit. Tell her to back off. It’s not her place to destroy a relationship between you and a potential spouse.

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