What I do with lier husband?

My husband lying since 7 years. He lies everything and he is totally negative person. He always hurts me, makes me crying. I have 2 kids I dont work. Please help help help!!!

Answer #1

I agree with the other comments, you should definately leave him. Its not fair that you should have to put up with the abuse hes dealing out and its really not good on the kids (my dads like this so I know what its like) you should find someone who treats you better

Answer #2

Two words, LEAVE HIM!!!U dont deserve him If he causes you that much pain. you need to find someone better and who loves you and wouldent dare to hurt u.

Answer #3

leave him!!! go to family memberrs!! and do whats best for your kidss!!! dont let him do this to you forever!! you need a break!! and have a happy life,I mean do you really wanna put up with his bull crap forever? NO!! IT WOULD GET WORSE and worse!! just do what you think is best for you and your kids!! dont be scared too be independent!! (:

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