What highlights look good with my darkish brown hair..any pics?

ookay I want to try and put highlights in my hair my hair right now is a darkish brown color and its my natural color hair my hairs a virigin meaning I never highlighted it before so I dont want to make the wrong choice in highlighting it if you could give me opinons on some colors that would look nice maybe a blonde? I don’t know and a picture cause that would helpp :} also my hair is very choppy so would that effect it? and if you couls find a picture of a girl with choppy highlights…thank you I appericate it :D

Answer #1

Um, blond but just a bit! You don’t wanna look like you tied tinsel into your hair! I’d do a caramel blond or a chestnut brown if you want it to look natural!

Answer #2


Answer #3

Not cherry red; but dark red with a dirty brown, or even die the bottom black. Thats what I did :]

Answer #4

I think blond or a little bit lighter brown but do what makes you happy

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