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Two bees were out playing.one bee said I have nothing to do today I am bored and no one to sting. T he other bee said what and what are you thinking right now. I am thinking about stinging you. the other bee looked at him annd said that makes me think very wrong of you and now I am thinking about I can double sting you in the back and that made the other bee run away doing 90 miles an hour. Then the bee that was there said I bet he wont come around me anymore. What who and what was right. I dont want ot be stung by a bee. Is this true go for it. I eant what right the front door is the core and the root to sucess.

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lol I got it!!! bahahahahahaha

just kidding that was the most confusin thing I ever read...was it even a question? =[ I now feel like the biggst idiot because I didnt catch any of that!

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a question about a phrase

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bahahahahah im Bee dont get it though that well

Bee Pirate Hooker xx

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wow that just went over my head, I don't get it at all

A question to ponder. . .

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