What happens when you're fingered ? does stuff come out ?

What happens when you're fingered ? Does it hurt ? Does stuff come out if your vagina ? Should you moan ? Does it make his fingers smell ? Should you shave ? If stuff does come out will he freak out . Honestly ... (: please help ,, thnxx .

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make sure you're properly lubricated (with your own vaginal secretions or get a lube) before he fingers you otherwise it will likely hurt. if he freaks out when the white/clear 'stuff' come out, he doesnt know what he's doing. :S sometimes, blood does come out though.

have you 'smelled' yourself when your turned on? that's how it'll usually smell.

if you're nervous about this, maybe you can try it out on yourself first before trying it out with another person. you should know where your own 'pleasure' points are because its your own body.

shaving is your own choice.


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Ahh no I don't think you should shave! Shaving only makes it grow back harrier and I think it looks ugly! My boyfriend knows it's completely normal to be hairy and shaving kind of looks shallow to me. I'd be so embarrassed if I shaved!

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Shaving does NOT make your hair come back thicker. It gets thicker because you get older. Either way, it's a choice. You don't have to go bald, but shortening the hairs up top and shaving on the sides of the lips looks neat and encourages him to give you oral. Yippie!

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I'd say finger yourself for a bit first, get to know your own body before another person does.
It probably won't hurt, it depends on if your hymens broke, if it isn't it could be a little sore and might bleed. He probably won't think much of it though.
Moaning isn't bad, just breathe deeply, bite your lip, he'll know you're enjoying.
As for shaving, it is up to you, but I prefer it. Once you start you have to keep shaving reguarly.

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When your getting fingered, if a guy knows what he is doing and has his nails trimmed then the only thing that might come out is a clear liquid which isn't urine. That liquid usually comes out from stimulating the g-spot. If the guy doesn't have his fingers trimmed then he could cause a perforation on you and cause bleeding (not good :()

Moaning helps to signify that what ever it is the guy is doing is pleasuring you (not to mention it turns the guy on rather quickly). If he isn't doing a good job at it, it doesn't make sense to moan right? Try to keep the level of honesty very clear when it comes to this. I'm not sure if his fingers will smell but I doubt he will be paying any attention to the scent anyway. On a side note, guys have a different sense of smell when it comes to women, what smells like dog to you might fascinate most men. Shaving can help the area nice and clear to ease the idea of fingering so I think its best to shave.

If stuff comes out, considering the only two types of stuff that I can think of is that clear substance and blood. I'm sure he won't freak out he will actually be turned on by the thought of you leaking that clear fluid. I just have a question for you, if your asking all of this do you think your ready to get fingered? I mean you seem rather nervous with the question your asking, I think its best to wait till your more calm about the subject.

Hope this helps :)

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It might hurt, it all depends, like my first time did hurt.
Some discharge might come out of your vagina, but thats not a bad thing. But blood may come out because your hymen could be streched, but that most likley won't happen on your first time, unless he uses more than one finger.
If you feel like moaning, then moan! But if it doesn't feel good, then don't moan. that could give him the idea he's doing good when he's not.
He won't be worrying about what his fingers smell like at that moment, so neither should you.
And shaving is up to you. You could ask your guy what he thinks about it. But if you do shave it, you have to keep up with it. You don't want it getting even more hairer.

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