what haircut should I get? should I try visual kei?

my hairs bron and and really long right now but I really want to try somthing visual kei but I want a opinion on wether I would look good with it. anyways my hair is pretty thick to.

Answer #1

um…no offence but I don’t think soo…well what are you like are you sorta emo…happy…smart…nerd? Cauze I reckon you should get it thinned and layed or even a sorta mullet…well thats what I think

Answer #2

im not really sure what I am my style usualy isnt preppy unless im trying to pass final exams and so I wear blue yellow and green for good luck but yeah I guess my styles kinda changing more goth I used to be surfer girl and all so im not sure but a lot of my wardrobe is starting to go all punk and visual kei lol

Answer #3

I think it’d look really nice in a visual kei cut! Make it uber straight and then let your imagination run wild :P Personally, I think this would look awesome

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