What hair color and cut would suit me?

Okay so am bored with my hair haha. I want to get it cut, what style or cut would look good on me? And I also want to get it colored, any suggestions?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t colour it, your hair colour is pretty and it suits you. But if you want a change in cut… how about a side part, maybe some wispy bangs… that would be nice. :)

Answer #2

something really fun and funky. you would probably look good with dark brown hair (I mean really dark but not that dark to be black) with blonde, red, blue, or your favorite color highlights. thats the way that I would do it if I was you.

Answer #3

Ok first of all newsflash lol jk ok so you need to pull some of your hair from anywhere you want and cut it half way to make bangs put them in the front and part your hair different every week or something hope I helped or look on youtube…

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