What guy crush delema! How to fix a guy sitch?!?

There is this guy in my math class and weve always kinda flirted around. I thot he was cute. He liked me too. Little did I know, he liked me, like he really liked me a lot. My feelings for him was just “puppy love’’ aka nothing real.

So this afternoon, he texted me:

Him: so who you likin these days Me: like im tellin u Him: no tell me Me: well he knows you really well Him: me :) Me: you guessed it Him: I like you :) Me: me too :) Him: we should hang out Me: this fri after school Him: cool what? Cough cough make out jk jk :) Me: hmm I don’t know Him: well we have all week to decide

So heres the real sitch, I dont like him that much! Only as a “cute guy I know” but I dont like-like him. I said I liked him..well…because…I have problems saying no or disagreeing. And I saw it comming. I dont know what I was thinking. But I dont want the friday night date to become true. I need your help.

Answer #1

haha thats where you made your first mistake.. dont feel sorry for the dude cause in the end hes only gonna feel worse knowing you lied.. I suggest you start backing off from now and if he asks you about it just tell him you cant

Answer #2

hmm..well you can just tell him..or let him see you with another guy and be like super flirty with that guy…I mean it’s real mean..but cud work

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