What goes best with blue eye liner and brown eyes?

What eye shadow colour goes best with blue eye liner and brown eyes, oh and please dont say brown eye shadow because I know thats the usual colour that suites brown eyes but I’ve got quite pale skin and it always makes me look ill lol, so eye shadow colour? x

Answer #1

I would say blue, green, or a dark yellow-y color..

Answer #2

I have pale skin dark hair and dark hazel eyes. I never wear blue eyeliner as it doesnt seem to go with the green in my eyes but I think a silvery eyeshadow would look good, nothing to heavy tho, or a lilac/mauve, build it up with a couple of different shades till it looks right

Answer #3

Blue is not a good colour for brown eyes, and I’m not going to say you need brown eyeshadow, but you should lay off the blue liner.

Actually, you’re better off with greens or purples.

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