What to give my boyfriend for his birthday?

what gift can I give my boyfriend on his birthday…please help me with this…

Answer #1

it depends on how old he is. if you guys arent still in school then something more expensive or fancy like a really nice watch.unless hes not into that sort of thing…if you guys are in school get him a sweater that has your schools name or mascot or what ever.

Answer #2

well, think about the basics. try going with a watch or something, or a singing card that plays his favorite song. ooh what about you go on the best birthday date ever or throw him a surprise party! oxo;)

Answer #3

maybe some type of video game. ^_~

Answer #4

What does he like? Get him cologne or underwear! Ha. I got my boyfriend a mini bike and a Wii. Go out to dinner and a movie with him. Or plan a pick nic. Write him a cute love letter or something. Anything you get him, he will like. Trust me.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

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