What eyeshadow colour should I use, I have black & blonde hair?

I have black on the top of my hair,and blonde underneath…! What colour eyeshadow would look good on me?

Answer #1

beat me to it makeupguru, and the others above, lol

what color are your eyes?

Answer #2

Hey Girl, Well first off your eyeshadow doesn’t really need to match your Hair color. It all depends on the color of your eyes and skin tone. If you need more help Funmail me.

Good Luck! -Makeup Guru

Answer #3

My friend had the same hair and I couldn’t find any eyeshadow that looked good - we just decided to use some good mascara and a little bit of black eyeliner and it did the trick, you could try that?

Answer #4

It depends on your skin tone and your eye color as well as your hair.

Answer #5

It depends more on the color of your eyes

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