What EXACTLY is GOOFY! ! ! ! !

what is goofy? is he a dog? if he is . . .wait! dogs dont have buck teeth!! ! !

im SO confused

Answer #1

Lol, I used to have a little rescue dog that had a huge overbite, just as much as Goofy, :)

Answer #2

You know… these are the questions that haunt me!!!

Answer #3

goofy is the pet dog from a cartoon called micky mouse if you want to learn more about the cartoon charatcter goofy you can look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goofy also in skateboarding, goofy is a stance were instead of having your right foot in front you have your left one

Answer #4

I mean c’mon! . . why cant pluto talk if goofy’s a dog which I highly doubt

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