What does tongue kissing feel like??

I always see people doing it everywhere,at school on t.v. At the pool in the car everywhere,is it really that great?

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I like it, but some people I've kissed are eally wet and sloppy and I don't like that. its nicer if someones touching your neck or something the same time.

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It feels weird haha
some people think its gross and some people love it
it also depends if you know how to kiss if you do it all sloppy it is gross
I like it :)

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well I mean I like it, but some people think its kinda disgusting...its one of those things you have to be mature about to do. Like my boyfriend doesnt like it so we dont do it. we tried it one time and he said he didnt like it so we just do the basic kissing

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It all depends on how you feel about it, and how good you both are.
Like lets say if the person your kissing is sloppy and slobbery, your probably not gonna like it. But I'd say you should at least try it once, see if you like it or not.

kiss issues guys feel free to answer.

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