what does this saying mean?people with small dicks drive big truck?

what does this saying mean?

“people with small d|cks, drive big trucks”

Answer #1

its means that they are trying to make up for something they are lacking in by overdoing something else

Answer #2

like chuckin a hot dog down a drain pipe lmao

I own a pimped up car and im workin on a mk2 escort as we speak and I dont have a lil willy no siry

fast cars, etc have people thinking the bloke has a small willy

its only the youth that think that though manly cus their jelous as they cant afford to pimp their car if they even own 1… the older generation appriciate a gd looking car

Answer #3

It has nothing to do with the actual physical attributes of the driver, really. People think that guys with small ‘male organs’ have little self-esteem. And a guy with little self-esteem is more likely to get a large truck than a normal car.

I’m from Germany. We don’t have that saying. But if somebody here owns a pimped car, a very fast car or a very expensive car we sometimes call it a ‘Schwanzverlängerung’ (dick-extension) or a ‘rollendes Ego’ (rolling ego). Especially if the person driving it is otherwise boring or unattractive. And especially if they show off with it or if they try to impress the girls with it.

Answer #4

Big truck = small dick

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