What does this Spanish phrase mean, pinche miota?

I need some help with a phrase. Me and my friend were joking around yesterday and he called me something in spanish…I have no idea what it means or how to spell it, but I think its ‘pinche miota’ or something like that..I know its an insult though. Can anyone tell me what this means? -thanks

Answer #1

Miota = Not a real spanish word. Pinche = Danm,fucking,flippin’.

Like rawrprincess said, not to sound racist, but we sometimes say Miata as a black person…I don’t know, its nothing really to serious but thats all that it adds up too

Answer #2

Im mexican and speak spanish. “Pinche” mean fuck or damn and “miota” or (I don’t know your your trying to say “miata”) means Black people

NOT TO SOUND RACIST: but (I don’t know) if your black, he called you this as a joke or you were “acting black” so he called you a “pinche miata’ as a joke.

Did this help?

Answer #3

Well PINCHE It means dämn or fucking depending on the context.

Im mexican and I’ve NEVER heard to word miota like ever.

Maybe mota? but that means mariguana.

Answer #4

Pinche = generally Mexican slang for the “f” word or similar. It is a rude swear word. It can also mean something that is insignificant or worthless in Spanish.

Miota = means “since when” or “how long”

Answer #5

Pinche does mean fu##ing in that way and wat your trying to say is mayate it means nig##r.

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