What does my boyfriend want down there?

So my boyfriend started to reach down my pants the other day. and I let him grab my ass in the back but then he wanted to put his hand down the front of my pants. What exactly does he want to do down there? Please help!

Answer #1

He wants to sink his Johnson.

Answer #2

Like answerguy said he wants to get inside of you and make you wet so let him do it to you and if you don’t like it then tell him to stop.

Answer #3

What he wants is to feel your fur, rub your pussy, make you wet, put his fingers inside you, and give you an orgasm so you start moaning and screaming. Then he’s gonna want your hand inside his pants, doing similar things to him. And after that, it’s not long before he’s going to want to get your pants and his pants off completely and get his penis inside you.

If you’re not ready for all of that, then you should probably keep saying no. You sound pretty smart.

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