What does it take

What does it take to be a parent?

Answer #1

Time and effort. Support of others. Maturity. And love and money AND patience

Answer #2

love and money

Answer #3

welL first you gottaa have a man. & then c0nd0ms..Or pilLs.. lol lovee , dedication & hard work? loll :D

  • YOUR bestfrienddd.
Answer #4

Giving up everything and anything for your kids, knowing that everything you do is for them, never again being allowed to be selfish, always making sure that you set a good example, being the best possible person you can be, making sure that you’re children always have a dry, warm place to live and food in their little bellies, keeping them protected and just taking care of them.

You don’t need to have a college degree but you need to be mature enough to handle caring for someone that’s completely dependent on you 24/7.

Answer #5

a lot of hard work and dedication. you need to give up a lot to be a parent. a lot.

you need to love, protect, care, and support you child along with many other things. you need to be able to support them financially as well.

you have to be willing to spend every waking moment in thought and in action to be devoted to your child. everything will change but its so worth it.

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