What does it means when a guy bute your ear ?

Ok , so , this one day , me & my boyfriend was just hugging , & all the sudden , I felt him bit my ear . it wasn't a nibble , just a normal bite . What does that means ? Lol , thank you . (:

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the ears are part of the erogenous zones. suppossed to make you feel the tingles or something..

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It means that he want to turn you on n' make you more excited... I wrote something similar in another question like this one.

Some girls expect or just want their guys to bite their ear... they also enjoys nibbling, but biting turns them more on... I dunno where it comes from or how come they feel it's naughty, though I shouldn't be surprised if it had a little to do with when the partner bites the neck of the other like a vampire or just a beast. Some people find it more sexually arousing to act like a beast/vampire, cause it seems wilder in a way.

Other people just enjoy nibbling alone and find biting uncomfortable. The nibbling is the opposite of the biting, since it's more gently n' soft... Biting is sexual arousing, where nibbling is just more loving and cuddling. There are just many guys who think that all girls enjoys the naughty ear biting game.

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