what does it mean when someone says or writes I.e.?

what does it mean when someone says or writes I.e.?

Answer #1

it means “that is”

Answer #2

I only know 2 meanings:

1.Internet Explorer 2.Is Extra

Answer #3

I.e is an abreviation for “id est” which in Latin means “that is” typically means “that is” “such as” or “in other words”

Other common Latin abreviations are:

e.g. “Exempli Gratia” which means “free example” used to mean “for example”

etc. (sometimes \&c) Et Cettera” which means “and the rest” but is used to mean “and so on”

et al “Et Alii” And others. Used when a list of people is longer than you wish to list. When a book has many authors it is common to write the first one followed by “et al” to indicate one of many.

Answer #4

It means Example most likely in the context your referring to.

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