What does "you have to crawl before you can walk" mean?

what does it mean when someone says you have to crawl before you can walk?

Answer #1

you have tomake sure that you achieve things before saing your ganna, sometimes you might not get there.

Answer #2

who ever said it to you is saying stop jumping ahead of yourself

Answer #3

As a baby you learn how to crawl first before you walk, it’s just a life cycle.

Its pretty much saying that with anything new it will take time before you are really good at it.

You have to take baby steps toward learning something. Sometimes you have to take a smaller step before you can take a larger step.

Answer #4

if you were to go sky diving you wouldnt just jump out the plane with no lessons or knoledge of sky diving you would learn before you do it. . you have to crawl before you walk

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